Winifred Holmes or preferably Freddie Holmes, is a character featured in Pamela Cox's Malory Towers. A books series originally written by Enid Blyton, she was first introduced in 'New Term At Malory Towers'.


It's not known what Freddie looks like, however it was stated in the book-

The new girl had a short, boyish cap of pale hair, laughing blue eyes and a friendly, open face.

Also, on one of the book covers drawn by Nicola Slater, it pictures what looks like Amy with a girl of appearances similar to the one described besides the eye colour. It also makes sense it's her due to the fact Amy was also a new girl. It's most unlikely though, since that same girl was shown in the first book of Pamela Cox's series.



June was the first person Freddie met, and they've formed a strong relationship. Both have similar personalities and they often team up in playing tricks, Tennis and anything in general.


Freddie is neutral towards Amy, but she is often rude towards her. In the book, it was stated June and Freddie hated people 'up in their world' and she's one of the main victims of their pranks (besides Mam'zelle.) However, a friendly moment was when Freddie pretended to be her for her grandmother since Amy knew nothing about her. So was eventually introduced to Mrs Dale, her grandmother.


Occasionally, Felicity will scold Freddie (such as her first day), but she is often neutral towards her. She'll go with her tricks and pranks.