Appearance Edit

Ruth, like her twin, has corn colored hair. Unlike her twin, hers is wavy. She has a heart-shaped face and a small build. She looks rather weak.

Personality Edit

In her first term, Ruth is a shadow of her twin, Connie Batten. She never answers any questions, except in class. She is actually described as having no personality.

Ruth is not spiteful, however towards the end of her first term she started to play horrid tricks on Connie. Darrell found out and coaxed the truth out of Ruth. She felt trapped, and hated her twin for making her fail her school cert., so that the two could stay together. She loved her though, at the same time, and insisted that Connie borrow her own things. She also hated the way Connie was so domineering, and controlling. Luckily Darrell put everything right before things could get out of hand.