Moira Linton is joint head girl in In the Fiftat Malory Towers. Moira was left down when her form went up into the sixth. She was co-producer of the pantomime and is quite domineering over the new fifth formers. She rubs everyone the wrong way with her handling of pantomime rehearsals, and becomes unpopular enough to receive poisonous letters from June. She redeems herself by pleading June's case with Miss Grayling.

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Moira was not very popular. She was a domineering and hard. Because one of the second-former wrote a poem about her, she set all of ahem long poem to learn. She had that kind of voice, crisp and curt that make people always automatically obeyed her. She is very confident with her leadership,and appointed herself as the director of the pantomime, but the others choose Betty as co-producer. Nobody really doubted her ability but they did doubt her talent to push the best out of people.

Moira, as head-girl, took an interest in the matches in which the fifth-formers played, and because she liked games, she was interested too in the lower-school players. It was about the only thing that she and Darrell saw eye-to-eye about. She was fair and just and interested. She forgot to be domineering and opinionated. Later, she got more admiration after saving June from being expelled.

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