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Mary-Lou is a girl in Darrell's form. She is shy, timid and quiet. She has been at Malory Towers since First Form and was sorted into North Tower.

Appearance Edit

She is small for her age, with long, straight, mousy hair and watery blue eyes. She is also rather pale and slim.

Personality Edit

She is sweet and kind but very shy. She is shy, timid and quiet. She is easily manipulated because of her kind nature and Gwendoline and Daphne have used this to their respective advantages.During her years at Malory Towers she grows more determined and achieving. She is always eager to please people even though strong characters like Alicia get irritated when she tries to tidy their lockers or organize their things.

Family and Friends Edit

Very little is known about Mary-Lou's family. She has had several friendships during her time at Malory Towers. She is popular with her class, and they see her as someone to be defended.

Darrell RiversEdit

After Darrell saved her from Gwen in the pool, Mary-Lou thinks Darrell is a heroine, and starts to annoy her by following her about all the time. She smashed Mary-Lou's expensive fountain pen, and engineers for Darrell to be blamed. But Mary-Lou believed that Darrell is innocent. So Mary-Lou sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night and finding Gwendoline's hidden shoe. Because of that, Darrell realized that Mary-Lou will always be her good friend.

Gwendoline Mary LaceyEdit

In the first form, Gwendoline ducks Mary-Lou in the pool, but Darrell saved her and slaps Gwen several times. Gwen befriend with Mary-Lou so she can do her things more easily. She smashes Mary-Lou's fountain pen, hides her own shoes and smears ink on Darrell's shoe. Darrell is assumed guilty and ostracized by all except Sally and Mary-Lou. Then Mary-Lou found Gwendoline's hidden shoe and proved that Gwen is the one who broke her pen.

Daphne Millicent TurnerEdit

Later on the Second Form she was used by Daphne, who persuaded her to do her French for her, and Mary- Lou thought that Daphne liked her. She take to the post office a parcel new girl Daphne wants posted. It is dark and windy, but Mary-Lou worships Daphne in much the same way she did Darrell the previous year, and she takes the parcel anyway. She is blown over the cliff and rescued by Daphne some time later. By the end of the book they became best friends.

History Edit

First Form Edit

Mary-Lou was already at Malory Towers when Darrel, Gwen and Sally arrived.

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