The Malory towers books are a best selling series by author Enid Blyto.It follows a girl called Darrell Rivers.

Darrell Rivers

has a fiery temper but is fun and popular.She is described as having black curly hair and blue eye.Despite her temper,Darrell was made head girl of the school.Her best friend is sally Hope.

sally hope

has a calm and responsible nature,which helps her best friend,Darrell cope with her temper.She has a close up face and looks prim.

Fecicity rivers

is Darrells sister.she admires Darrell and thinks the world of her.Felicity has the same temper as Darrell but is shows less and is less voilent.Her best friend is Susan.

Gwendoiline mary lacy

is horrid,lazy,deceitful and rude.She hates Darrell and has no lasting friends.She is very pretty,having blonde hair and blue eyes.