Felicity Rivers
Felicity Rivers
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Darrell Rivers (sister)
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Felicity Rivers, is Darrell's younger sister, comes to Malory Towers in Upper Fourth. Like Darrell, she makes a shaky start with her friendships, but by the end of her first term has made friends with Susan. She is the main heroine in all the new six Malory Towers books, written by Pamela Cox.


In illustrations, Felicity is shown to have short ginger hair and hazel eyes.


According to Darrell, Felicity is quieter and more calm than her, but ,like the rest of the family, she can also be furious.


Like her elder sister, Felicity is fairly clever in lessons, and is gifted in sports. She makes the match teams earlier than most of her age, although Darrell was half-inclined to leave her out, afraid of showing favoritism. Someone else convinced her (Moira Linton) that leaving Felicity out would be a mistake, rightly.

Family and FriendsEdit

Mr. and Mrs. RiversEdit

Felicity's parents visit her and her sister every half term. She is always awfully excited to see them.

Darrell RiversEdit

She adores Darrell, but she also has a bad habit of comparing herself to her sister as well as thinks others think unfavorably of her because Darrell is such a strong character., and such a success.

June JohnsEdit

At first, Felicity finds the unsuitable June exciting and wants to become her best friend. Darrell does not approve of this bad relationship as she can see what a bad influence June is and how hard, bold and brazen the young girl is. The friendship ends when June boasts about getting Darrell demoted as head girl, which June caused in the first place. Felicity is shocked by June's true colors.

Sally HopeEdit

Sally frequently stays at the Rivers's during the holidays and Felicity knows and likes her well.


After her friendship with June ended, the distraught Felicity seeked the comfort of Susan, whom she already liked. The two became firm friends throughout the rest of the series, although they remained friends with June.


Fourth bookEdit

Felicity starts at Malory Towers as a first-former in the fourth book.