Ellen Wilson is another new student in the second form. She entered Malory Towers by earning a scholarship and is extremely serious. Ellen worries herself because of her work which is not brilliant as she would like. It is revealed that Ellen comes from a poor family and she had worked extremely hard during the holidays to win the only scholarship that could take her to Malory Towers. Jean tried to befriend with her and then they became close friends.

Ellen gets very stressed about her work, which is very important to her. She finds the schoolwork hard as she overworked so much for the scholarship to Malory Towers. Driven to desperation, Ellen tries to cheat in an exam. She is caught looking at the papers by Darrell, and is subject to her rough temper. Ellen gets ill from the stress of cheating on top of her normal worries about work. She is put in San for a few weeks, which only makes her more worried about missed work. She is also terrified that Darrell will tell everyone about her cheating and she will be expelled. Matron is confused as to why Ellen is not getting any better, and consults Mrs Grayling. Mrs Grayling suggests going home to recover to Ellen. Ellen is sure that she meant that she was expelled, and panics. Darrell decides to tell Mrs Grayling everything, and things are sorted out.