Daphne "Daffy" Hope is the younger sister of Sally Hope by about 11 or 12 years. She is not at Malory Towers during Sally's time there and starts in Felicity Rivers' 6th year.

Personality Edit

At home to her parents and sister she is a well-mannered child with good behaviour and usually very quiet.

At school she's a bit of a handful and is always playing jokes and tricks to entertain the class. She is also one of the most popular kids in her year.

She tries to get even with Violet, one of her classmates, by hiding her precious pet cat, Princess Willow while Violet was ill. However Daffy feels extremely guilty when she notices how worried Violet gets. Daffy accidentally lures Violet into a shed at midnight with an anonymous note to find Willow. However, the shed catches fire, and Violet narrowly escaped after being rescued by Alice. This incident causes a great change in Daffy, and she is almost expelled from Malory Towers.

Friends and Family Edit

Daffy's best friend is Katie and they have been since prep school. But, Violet Forsyth and Daffy do not get on well together and Daffy is always making fun of Violet.

She is the sister of Sally Hope.