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Belinda Morris is Irene's best friend. She entered Malory Towers at the second form. Then, Darrell and friends found out that she has a great talent in art, but, same as Irene, she is very forgetful and scatterbrained.


Belinda is described had black curly hair, like Darrell, but cut much shorter, more like a boy. She looked rather untidy, her eyes twinkled and has a very attractive grin.


Rather cheeky, but a total scatterbrain just like Irene.



Belinda is talented artist who is instantly popular among the girls for her ability to draw malicious sketches of the teachers for the girls to use as bookmarks. She stalks Gwen and Moria all through her school life for additions to her 'Scowl Collection'.

In her first term, (the second book) Belinda drew some cruel caricatures of the two Mam'zelles, portraying Mam'zelle Rougier as and evil villain, and Mam'zelle Dupont as a helpless victim. Belinda was terrified when Mam'zelle Rougier saw them and took her to the Headmistress.

In the fifth form, when Catherine got on her nerves, sharpening her pencils when she keeps them blunt on purpose, she drew a cruel picture of Catherine looking holy in a stained glass window. Underneath she printed: OUR BLESSED MARTYR, SAINT CATHERINE, imitating Catherine's doormat ways. She then pinned this up in the common room, for all to see. The girls loved this, although Catherine sneaked into the common room to tear it down. Belinda was too quick for her, and kept up a steady stream of pictures, pinning them up every time Catherine took one down!

Family and FriendsEdit


Irene, the scatterbrained friend of Belinda, is a loyal kind person, just like Belinda herself. She doesn't help her forgetful ways, though, and often the pair get up to lots of mad happenings!

At the start of their last term, Belinda helped Irene play a trick on Matron, keeping up the tradition of Irene always losing her Health certificate, a requirement for all the girls if they want to stay out of quarantine. Belinda slips a funny drawing of Matron scolding Irene viciously into an envelope, which Matron laughs at and keeps as a memento of Irene. The real certificate was produced.

Darrell RiversEdit

Darrell is one of the loyal friends that Belinda has, and loves Belinda's funny drawings.

Sally HopeEdit

Sally is a friend that helped get Belinda out of trouble when Alicia tricked the form.

Mam'zelle DupontEdit

Mam'zelle Dupont is the lovable French mistress. She also helped Belinda get out of trouble when Mam'zelle Rougier was in one of her worst tempers, mentioned above.