Alicia Johns
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Mrs. Johns (mother)
June Johns (cousin)
Roger Johns, Dick Johns, and Sam Johns (older brothers)

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Malory Towers


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Alicia Johns is an important main character in all the original six Malory Towers books. She is mainly the joker of the form, although she is also well known for her sharp tongue and quick wits. Alicia is Darrell's friend and very popular.


She is mentioned to have bright eyes, and Gwen comments that her hair is short and coarse. Her hair is as black as night.


She is active, brave and funny, much like her mother. She is incredibly intelligent and excels at everything. She loves playing pranks, sometimes assisted by Betty. She scorns stupidity, illness and most weaknesses, having not been often ill herself. Malory towers’ mistresses describes Alicia as cheeky and mischievous despite being a intellectual girl. Her friends believe she is to witty for words, however her sharp tounge often leaves her unpopular with it’s victims.


Alicia has always been extremely intelligent, with a brilliant memory. She was rather hard on those who were less quick-witted than her.

She has a talent for jokes, and is often the mastermind behind any mischief or tricks in her form!

Family and FriendsEdit

She has three brothers, Sam, Dick, and Roger. Alicia also has a cousin called June, a mother and father, and a uncle and aunt. In her form, Alicia has quite a lot of friends, Betty being her best friend, but she also has quite a lot of enemies, like Gwendoline.


First and Second booksEdit

Alicia Johns firsts appears in the books in the first book when Miss Potts asks her to look after Darrell and the rest of the new girls. She and Darrell get on very well together, and Darrell wants to be her friend. Then, in the classroom, Darrell finds out that she already has a friend, who is called Betty. In the second book, Alicia thinks that she should be head girl (a bit like Janet in Third form at St Clares) but does not get chosen, but Sally does instead, and Alicia gets really jealous of Sally.

Third and fourth books

Her friend Betty, and Darrell's friend Sally are both in quarantine at the beginning of the term. So she and Darrell become very good friends. But when Sally gets back, and Betty is not back yet. she starts trying to continue being friends with Darrell. Alicia and Sally become very cross and angry with each other because they both want to be Darrell's best friend. In the fourth, Darrell becomes the head girl and she and Betty start to tease Darrell by saying that she has a "glint" in her eyes.  

Fifth and Sixth booksEdit

In the fifth book, Alicia plays the demon king in the school pantomime. She resigns after Moria gets angry with her, but comes back after that. When she gets into the top form, Alicia becomes much more settled and dignified than before.